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About Sam Hussein Dentist

Dr Semir Samuel Hussein is a progressive and holistic practitioner that is constantly evolving alongside the advancement of dentistry. He takes a comprehensive approach to oral health and gives every patient that walks through the door the opportunity to receive the best dental care possible.

His focus on cosmetic and restorative dentistry is rooted in the belief that everyone should feel like they are presenting the best version of themselves to the world.

He has a strong passion for helping his patients smile with confidence through the unique combination of thoughtful care and innovative technology.

He is able to offer same day crowns using a digital scanner instead of taking a traditional dental mould.

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Ethos and Patient Aims

Each patient that Dr Sam works with is treated to ensure the following aspects are maintained:

Patient Autonomy

Dr Sam ensures the patient has the right to their own body and their treatment options should reflect their own wishes.

Patient Awareness

Dr Sam believes the patient should be empowered and educated on dental issues, ensuring that the patient is equipped to ensure the longevity of any treatment and prevention of any future issues.

Evidence-based Dentistry

Dr Sam believes in combining a biological understanding of the body and technological advances in dentistry and medicine to provide treatments based on solid scientific evidence. He is a supporter of predictable workflows and protocols that deliver repeatable results.

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